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From the Street of Crippled Trees

4 September 1978
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I am whatever I wrote today. Friend or defriend at whim.

Daily photoblog: crippled_trees. Exciting stuff. No, not really.

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I am the brilliant ally of my own gravediggers.
Milan Kundera

User reviews:

"Turns an interesting phrase"

"Introspection, outrospection and witticism."


"While one of the lesser known deities, her anonymity is in no way reflective of her powers; rather, she prefers to let the mortals do as they must unless they particularly vex or please her. waywardgaze, one of many names she is called, wanders the earth collecting images and words that please and delight her and kindly shares them with others generally brining happiness and joy to the viewers. However, based on a certain number of disappearances (especially of landlords), it seems she can equally trap those she deems unworthy into the images she collects and photoshop them into oblivion.

One of her most well known deeds was to pass the Boots of Oda to a mere mortal bestowing upon the recipient great powers of which many are unknown. Notably, they do seem, when stomped appropriately, to bend space and time (see messy_hair_girl). Whether this was a kindness or a curse upon humanity remains to be seen."